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Hi, my name is Aleira. I am 11 years old and in grade six, I live in Adelaide, Australia. My hobbies include dance, music, gymnastics, circus, and traveling. I dance 4 days a week, I do jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, classical ballet, acrobatic arts, and musical theater. I also do competition solos and duos and will be competing in 4 routines this year, I am will sit my grade three CSTD dance exam in August.

Another one of my hobbies is piano, I practice 3 days a week on top of my dance, I will be sitting my grade 4 piano exam sometime this year. I also do circus, I do it two days a week and performed at the Adelaide Fringe playing a contortionist doll, an acro barbie doll and school kids for music box circus. I will be performing at the AJC (Adelaide Juggling Convention)

Another one of my hobbies/passion is traveling, I went on my first overseas trip when I was 4 weeks old, I then went to live in Singapore for 5 years before we came back to Adelaide. My time in Singapore included lots of amazing travel experience like going to see the Tajmahal in India, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, feeding stingrays in the Maldives and going on some big rollercoasters in Hong Kong Disneyland. My blog is about my learning, education and a little bit of a get to know you.

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  2. Hi Aleira,

    A fabulous introduction to help readers of your blog get to know you.

    What a talented and busy person you are with all of your hobbies. I’m wondering if you have more than 24 hours in your day so you can fit everything in! Do you have a favourite hobby?

    You are very lucky to have visited so many amazing places already. What other places are on your list to visit? I’m from Melbourne and I love to travel too. Canada and Africa have been two of my favourite destinations.

    Happy blogging!

    Ms Yeomans 🙂

  3. year6wilderness says: Reply

    Well done Aleira – You have made a positive start to the Student Blog Challenge and have picked up some new skills. I notice you have a few views from different countries on your tracker, let me know where they are from 🙂

    Mr Jackson

  4. Hi Aleira, I really enjoyed reading this post! You have a really busy life! If you get the time, please check out my blog! http://tiaw619.edublogs.org/2019/03/06/all-about-me/

  5. raphaellew619 says: Reply

    Hi Aleira, I am Raphaelle. I Love your blog, I do dance to. Come check my blog out at http://raphaellew619.edublogs.org/

  6. Hi Aliera! I never knew you liked to travel but I love your blog and it’s very vibrant and bright! I would love to see you perform one day like actually performing in front of an audience. And I love to go on big roller coasters in Disneyland even though I haven’t been there in ages! But I’d love to know more about you!
    Please check out my blog!
    From Grace

  7. Dorukhan Yanık says: Reply

    Hi aleria I am Dorukhan I really love your Blog

  8. Dorukhan Yanık says: Reply

    Hi Aliera I love your blog. My hobbie is piano too. What do you play on piano ?My name Is Dorukhan

  9. Hi Dorukhan, I play classical and jazz on the piano.

  10. Hi Ms Yeomans, thank you for your lovely comment. A place I would love to go to is anywhere in Europe 🙂

  11. Hi Aleira,
    I have really noticed how much detail you put into this post, I think this is a great post. I notice how you put lots of effort into this post!

    Here is my link to my blog:

  12. I came across your post while I was working on a grad class project! I think you put a lot of effort into your blog! It looks great!

    I think this challenge is a great idea! I really like how the country counter that you can see!

  13. That is awesome that you got to go on a 5 year travelling trip! I wish I was able to do that because I also have a passion of travelling! And you also have so much stacked up on your schedule, it is amazing that you get it all done!

  14. Wow Aleira! You take so many classes. You are so talented and hardworking. You put so much effort into this post.

  15. Hi Aleira
    My name is Priyanka and I go to Fintona Girls School in Melbourne. How old were you when you became a contortionist doll at the circus? I think that is so cool. I love traveling as well. I have family in Thai Land, England, Dubai, America, Sri Lanka etc. I am writing this comment from Thai Land. I can’t believe how talented you are? You must have busy weeks.

    1. Wow! You were in Thailand. What was that like?

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