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  1. aholicnotesee says: Reply

    I love dancing too! I do jazz and ballet and I used to do hip hop when I was 6. I did ballet all though school except skipping grade 1 and 2. I also have 2 cats called lilly and tai-chi.

    1. aholicnotesee says: Reply


      MY BLOG 🙂

  2. Hi Aleira!
    What a great slide show about all your interests! You certainly have many talents. I would love to know more about what kind of performance you did at circus. Was it a dance performance? I took piano lessons when I was in grade school but I have forgotten so much because I just don’t have time to sit down and play. I would love to get back into it again. Maybe someday when I am retired! Is your piano exam playing certain pieces for your teacher or do you play in a recital?

    I noticed that your images were all from photosforclass.com but I am wondering why you decided not to include the citation they automatically provide for each image. It would actually help someone else find the image if they decided to also use it in a project.

    Keep up the great work and good luck on your piano exam!

    Mrs. Ruffing

  3. @ Aleira,

    What a terrific post using Photos For Class! We have not used it yet, but I look forward to sharing it with my third graders.

    You mentioned you play the piano. I do too! One of my favorite songs to play is a piece by Clementi. I played it at a recital many years ago. Now as an adult, I still play it but…not as fast!

    What do you enjoy playing?

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mrs. Y♥llis
    Los Angeles, California

  4. year6wilderness says: Reply

    Hi Aleira,
    What a fantastic post about your life – I really value your use of clear and engaging images. Your fringe experience sounded like a lot of fun, I know you were very busy at this time.

    Make sure you include the reference that Photo for Class provide, it makes it much easier for you 😀

    Mr Jackson

  5. Hello Aleira,
    Nice use of photo for class to explain all these. Hopefully l will encourage my class to do the same

  6. Hi it’s Keira from the student blogging challenge i love your blog!

  7. Hi Aleira,
    I am your blog buddy from Fintona Girls School in Melbourne. When did you get your cats and dogs?. I also loooove dogs. I have begged my mum for a long time. I have an adorable bunny though. It looks like you have been working really hard on your piano. I only got up to grade 2 only.

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